By Marco Jericho

We’ve all seen enough superhero movies lately. There’s always a situation or a villain causing doubt in the superhero’s mind. We see them struggle and doubt their identity or what they do. Yet we know their potential, what they can accomplish. Ironically, it’s the same way with God. He sees our faith journey and sees how the enemy tries to poison our mind. He knows our full potential and cheers for us to overcome in Him, and what we can accomplish in Him.


Doubt Will Rob You

If I mention the name “Thomas”, what story comes to mind? Almost everyone will remember Thomas for doubting Jesus, but forget he was one of the original 12. He longed to know the way (John 14:5) and was even ready to die with Him (John 11:16). Mentioned three times in the Bible, and the thing everyone remembers is when he says something wrong. Doubt will rob you of who you are supposed to be in Him if you don’t do anything about it. As much as we can say Thomas did this and that, yet of all the disciples, he was the first one to call him God! Doubt will act as a filter in your mind, if you do not remove it. When Thomas’ doubt was removed from his mind, he saw Jesus as God, he received a new revelation. He saw Jesus in a radical way he had never experienced in the 3 years.

Trust Or Doubt?

Ever watch Dora the Explorer? Every time she wasn’t sure of something, all she did was say “Maps”.

Boom! A smiling map came up, and showed her the way. What if Dora started to question the map or think the map was wrong? If she did, Dora would have not lasted very long. Yet as believers, if someone gives us a GPS, we trust it as a guide. When we eat at a fast food joint, we trust the food is good. Yet in our faith, we suffer in silence, while our mind battles doubt. Before you read further, we need to grasp one thing. Removing doubt from our mind is a battle. Some battles of the mind are won instantly and some take longer. Either way, the Holy Spirit is still actively working in you and you don’t feel condemned during the struggle.

Be Honest With Yourself

Some of your doubts may be rooted in past hurts or experiences. Don’t let a hurt or experience be your new filter to how you see things. Jesus wasn’t a healer of only physical problems, but emotional ones too. Learn to ask for healing in that area of your life, it will release certain doubts. Don’t be a hero on your own. Learn to share your battles with others and ask them to pray for you on your journey.

Be Understanding

Our mind is an amazing machine. It analyzes, processes and then presents us with evidence. All within seconds and much quicker than Google. Yet when our database is empty on a topic or not familiar with it, either we nod and stay silent while we doubt, or we blurt out things worse than Thomas did.

There’s a reason why Jesus wanted us to be childlike. Kids always ask questions when they are not sure of something. Learn to ask rather than just doubt because you don’t understand.

Be Resourceful

I love being tucked in my bed and nothing disturbing me. It’s comfortable and I tell myself I deserve to stay in bed all day. But guess what? Staying in my comfort spot doesn’t get anything done, same with doubts. Some doubts are just rooted because we are too lazy to challenge our mindsets. We prefer to hold on to tradition, culture or what we know, rather than seeing things differently. We can spend hours trying to find ways to beat the enemy in Boom Beach or training our team in Fifa 16. But when it comes to investing in our faith, we don’t spend time challenging the doubts. Look up Bible verses that deal with that particular doubt. Pray or ask someone to pray for you.

One thing is certain, you do not need to feel ashamed or feel less of a Christian just because you have doubts. Doubts come as guests in your mind. If you don’t shake them off they’ll begin to form roots and take over.

Have you pulled out the weeds of doubt from your mind today?


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