Hey Church,

This weekend everywhere is generally one of the most attended weeks in a church, on account of Good Friday and Easter.

There will be some people you have invited and others that you don’t know. Some of them are first time visitors. Others are members who attend infrequently.

However they come, you have an opportunity to show them the love of Jesus in a few ways. This is also an opportunity to make an eternal difference in their lives


Here are seven servant actions for you to consider:

1. Pray hard for this week

Pray as you enter the church property. Pray for salvations. Pray for the four services in Arabic, Italian, French and English. Pray for the pastors and the sermon they will bring.

2. Park at the most distant spot available

Maybe cycle to church? 🙂 Ok kidding but come on be a champ. Save the closer parking places for the visitors and the elderly.

3. Greet people

Yea this part gets me sweaty. I’m a super introvert I promise but then that’s how they’re gonna see the love of Jesus. Let them know that you are happy to see them. They maybe guests. They maybe members. Greet them both.

4. Look for people to help

First come early. See someone stranded? Be a guide. Walk with them if they need some directions.

5. Sit as close as possible to the front of the worship center

Remember the time you were late and had to walk past so many people to the empty rows in the front? Yea, uncomfy right? Don’t let that happen to the guests. Save the back rows for guests and late entrants. Fill the rows from the front!

6. Sit in the middle

Don’t claim your favourite aisle seat 🙂 Please move to the middle so the people don’t have to walk over you or past you.

7. Pray as you leave

The Holy Spirit is likely working in many people who attended. Pray for His continual work of conviction and comfort.

These are simple acts but have potential to impact for eternity. If this is true, then please do the same for every other service too. Thank you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Pastor Shyju


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