By Lina Cioffi

Unfortunately, there are many Christians who lack interest in studying the Old Testament. I believe lack of spiritual understanding hinders us from going deeper, not realizing that the God of Adam and Abraham (under Grace), and Moses (under the Law), is the same God that was manifested in the flesh (John 1). Matthew 15 says … “I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them”. The Bible begins in the Garden of Eden (Genesis) and ends in the garden of glory, the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21-22).

God’s Master Plan

The Plan of Salvation did not start with the gospels, it was already into play in the Old Testament (Genesis 3:15). Moses was instructed by God to build the Tent of Meeting in Exodus 25-40. God’s master plan for Salvation was seen in the amazing blue-print, in the form of a cross pointing everything to the coming of Jesus.

The Tabernacle was built in a pattern set by God for salvation, restoration, reconciliation and eternal life with Elohim in the New Jerusalem to come. God’s desire is to re-direct His people back to His heart as it was in the days of Adam and Eve, longing to dwell among His people in a personal intimate relationship (Psalm 22:3).


The 3 rooms represent our spiritual journey, pressing to enter into the Most Holy Place where God dwells, the Shekinah glory. We also see a picture, an expression of what the New Jerusalem looks like (Rev 21). For this reason, Jesus dwelling among men was showing us the heart of the Father; a preparation for a glorious bride to come.

Purpose of the Tabernacle

There is much to say about this subject, but I will only speak on the purpose.

The Tabernacle, a center of worship, was placed in the middle of the wilderness (representing the world) and the 12 tribes were encamped around it. In the midst of the dry desert the Tabernacle was a majestic beauty for all to see the Glorious God that dwelt there. God’s dwelling place was designed for His bride to be with Her Husband (Revelation 21-22). God made Himself known to the people through a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. This would remind the people of His presence, and worship would be lifted up to Him. When the people of God would change location, the tent would move with them.

The Plan of Salvation:

God was so detailed on the building. He gave specific instructions on what to use as materials, metals, items and colors, because everything used was symbolic and meaningful – pointing to Jesus. God also instructed Moses on the preparation: how to enter in; steps were needed to take for men to enter, how to be cleansed from sin, how to walk in righteousness and who can enter into the Holies of Holies. Common people cannot enter in, death awaits them. As God is Holy, holiness alone can enter in His presence. God desires for a consecrated bride who is sanctified, washed, blameless and holy (Ephesians 5). Only a Holy Bride will be able to live in the New Jerusalem. The Holy of Holies is not only the throne room of God, the Shekinah glory, it’s in this glorious place where we will see the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. Now the dwelling of God is with men, and He will live with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them and be their God. (Rev 21:2-3)

How Do I Get There?

Outside the compound is death, living without God. The outer-courts represent salvation. It is not enough. We need to pursue spiritual growth which is the Holy Place. Spiritual growth brings us in to a deep intimate relationship with God giving us access to His throne room in-filled with Glory. It’s in this Holy place we are sons of God!

Connecting Jesus with the Old Testament

Israelites commune with God through the Tabernacle

Christians commune with God through Jesus 

Brazen Altar for sacrifices

Jesus the Ultimate sacrifice

Laver of Brass for washing

Cleansing through confession


The Holy Spirit

Table of Showbread

Fed by the living Word

Altar of incense

Prayer, communication, intercession

Behind the Veil – Holies of Holies

God’s Dwelling – Enter through Christ

Priest and the garments

Service to God & others

Why is it important today?

The believers are God’s dwelling place (Hebrews 10:19-25). We are the royal priesthood (1Peter 2) and should desire to be ready, as a holy bride clothed in righteousness (Revelation 19:7-8)

Are we sitting in the outer-courts or getting ready to meet our Groom in the Most Holy Place?


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