#1. We just finished 2015 with over 130 baptisms!!! It’s time to celebrate church! (Whistles are welcome, but not too loud 🙂 )

#2. During the Christmas week, we saw 1459 people come to our church! With more than 300 of them in the Arabic service! Celebrate?!

#3. On the 31st night, we had one of the best services, it was a fun night walking into the new year together as a church family. With over 300 people coming together and believing God for a year of Salvation! For those who missed the beautiful night, we believe in showing mercy 😉 Here’s the video for you. Share it with your friends too!

#4. Along with the Italian, French and Arabic services, we have started a downtown fellowship at Concordia University. Join us Sundays at 7:30 p.m. at 2140 Bishop Street, Room D-01.

#5. Sunday we will be starting a new series on Church DNA, please join us and learn how God has called His bride to be and become. It’s going to be fun!!

#6. This coming Sunday, again is an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to invite someone to church with you. Found people, find people. Hope to see you there!


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