Emmanuel Pentecostal Christian Church is a dynamic, growing body of believers committed to loving God, loving people and fostering a “family atmosphere”. Our Church, has a tremendous heritage. Like most churches, we are the beneficiaries of another’s labour. This congregation is a testimony to the missionary vision of the Italian Pentecostal Church of Montreal. We are thankful for all those who came before us, and for their loving and dedicated efforts to establish a testimony to God’s grace in Montreal.

Emmanuel Pentecostal Christian Church had its beginnings in the mid 1960′s, with the vision of the Fabre St. Church, then pastored by Alberico Devito. He encouraged some elders and church families to proclaim the Gospel among the Italian immigrants and start a mission in the St. Michel district of Montreal. We are grateful for all the believers who worked so hard for the progress of that new evangelistic mission. Among them we will always remember:

  • Brother Michele Popolillo of New York, who was enthusiastically involved in the missionary work of evangelism with his dear wife.
  • Brother Alfonso Mula who was sent to preside over the services and evangelize for almost two years.
  • Brother Trentino Bonafede and his family from Argentina that came to St. Michel for one year as a missionary pastor.

The Lord blessed those people in a wonderful way and the church grew in numbers to the point where, in 1965, they purchased a triplex in St. Michel and transformed the first floor into an auditorium. In 1966 pastor Elie Devito became the first elected pastor. Under the seven years (1966 – 1973) of his pastorate God greatly blessed his ministry and many families were added to the church. Fabre Street Church withdrew its leadership and the church became autonomous.

The growing congregation took another step of faith deciding to hire a full time pastor who could devote all his time to the ministry. Pastor David Di Staulo was called to pastor the congregation in May 1973. In the autumn of the same year, the Sunday attendance outgrew the auditorium at the St. Michel location. For the next 18 months they held the Sunday services at Montcalm School facing the church. Then in winter of 1975 they moved to ÉcoleSecondaire Henri Bourassa, and began holding their Sunday services there.Also, in 1975 the name Emmanuel Pentecostal Christian Church was incorporated. At that time, land was purchased where our present building stands.

Pastor David DiStaulo continued his ministry at Emmanuel until the year 1989, when he felt the call to move to Boston (USA). Pastor John DellaForesta became the senior pastor until 1994. After his resignation, Pastor David Di Staulo was elected for the second time as senior pastor until his resignation in the month of September 2006.

In February 2007, Pastor Mario S.M. Catalano took the responsibility as Senior Pastor until March 2nd 2014.

On September 28, 2014 Pastor Shyju Mathew was elected as the Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Church and now assumes that responsibility.

During these years of ministry, Emmanuel has witnessed God’s power and forgiveness, His healing and redeeming grace. Many believers from our congregation have been led by God into full-time ministries around the world.

Today we are on the verge of another milestone of growth and expansion. As the return of Christ approaches, the Spirit urges us to keep reaching the lost and care for the souls already in the fold. We strive to work together, with one purpose, one vision and one faith.

EPCC in 1981,  one year after it was built

Dedication of the Church

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