By Sarah Evans

The Helmet of Salvation

Ephesians 6:10-18

The Christian’s armour appears at first to be a special prayer recipe, that once prayed will automatically summon God’s divine protection, with or without any work on our part. However, it is actually an analogy written to help us understand the important characteristics of the Christian – and to know what we can do (i.e. clothe ourselves with) to protect ourselves against the enemy’s attempt to ‘destroy and kill’ our spiritual life with God.

Equipped For Battle

Often we parade around wearing the full armour of God during times where we are not facing any significant battle, and yet when we find ourselves facing adversities and spiritual attacks from the enemy, we drop most of the armour and stand vulnerable before our attacker. Sometimes we even run away and hide in defeat. God has not called us to run away in fear. He has called us to be a strong soldier. He has equipped us for battle. He expects us to walk in the path of victory that Christ has already paved out before us.


It is imperative that we understand the importance of this spiritual armour, know how to ‘clothe’ ourselves on a daily basis, and more especially, know how to remain strong in the day of battle. The advancement of the kingdom of God depends on it!


For God So Loved…

Salvation comes from our God (Psalm 27:1). When we accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour, we are saved from judgment, separation from God and eternal damnation. We are reconciled to God, and inherit all that He has for us, including an eternity spent in His presence. (John 3:16) In addition, we have also been saved from the grasp of the enemy (Luke 1:71).

Don’t Forget Your Helmet

The armour of salvation is described as a helmet; that is used to protect the head and/or mind. Whatever we think impacts how we feel, what we say and how we act, so this is why the enemy’s biggest weapon to disable our spiritual walk takes place in the mind. Therefore, the helmet of salvation is a very important piece of the Christian armour.

Salvation Is A Gift From God.

Once we receive this gift the enemy is not happy, as his main objective is to keep us separate from God. Hence, his first ploy is to attempt to steal the seed of salvation before it bears fruit.

As we become grounded in God’s word and begin to grow spiritually, thus bear fruit, the enemy is not able to steal this salvation seed. Neither can he ‘pluck us out of the Father’s hand’. His second ploy is to plant seeds of doubt in our hearts “am I really saved?” “Is God’s word really true?” The enemy’s attempt is to cause us to wander away from the God of our salvation, and bring spiritual immaturity/paralysis.

When we stand firm against his ploy to sow seeds of doubt, by standing on the word of God, his third ploy is to keep us silent/shy about our salvation, thus preventing the good news from spreading to others. As God’s will is for us to “proclaim His salvation day after day” (1 Chronicles 16:23). Also, we know that the Spirit gives us a boldness to speak God’s truth with power and authority…and yet this is what the enemy wants to stop. If he can shut our mouths, he can prevent us from bringing others to salvation.

Stand Firm, Stay Strong

When we allow this attack of the enemy to penetrate our minds and lives, we experience doubts, insecurities in our relationship with God and others, a distancing from God, and so a lack of God’s protection. This allows the enemy to invade further into every area of our lives.

But when we take up the helmet of salvation daily by standing on God’s Word, we experience:

– Access to all of God’s promises as outlined in His word (2 Corinthians 1:20)

– Knowledge/wisdom of the enemy’s strategies & how to defeat him (James 1:5)

– Supernatural strength to defeat the enemy (heavenly resources) (Romans 8:37)

– Evidence of the fruits of the spirit in our lives (Galatians 5:22)


Always, Always, Always!

Take up the helmet of salvation daily, so that you can walk under the hand of God’s protection and defeat EVERY plan that the enemy has schemed against you and your family. Ask yourself the following:

Is Jesus Christ my Lord & Saviour (wherever I am)?

Do I know who I am in Jesus Christ?

Do I understand the purpose for which I have been saved?

Do I proclaim His salvation day after day?



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