Vacation Bible School 2015

By:  Sandy Spagnolo

It’s that time of year again for you and your child to be part of VBS!!!!  Every year children and teachers learn something exciting.  This year we will learn how to overcome obstacles with God’s awesome power!  The children will learn Bible truths that will guide them in the challenges they will face in their daily walk with God.

  • Day 1:  God has the power to provide
  • Day 2:  God has the power to comfort
  • Day 3:  God has the power to heal
  • Day 4:  God has the power to forgive
  • Day 5:  God has the power to love us forever

This will all take place during the week of August 17 to August 21  from 6:30 pm till 9:00 pm for all children between the ages of 5 to 11.  It is important that you register your child as soon as possible. Registration starts Sunday, July 19 at the Welcome Desk. Look for Sister Olga Anelli DiCuozzo.  Volunteers and teachers are also needed. We need help with teaching, sports activities, arts and crafts and preparing delicious, fun snacks in the kitchen. Please see Sister Olga – she will gladly take your name and give you a role. You will not regret helping out, remember that you will be blessed and have a great time as well!


Four reasons why you should sign your child up for VBS?

  • Exciting Bible lessons and fun crafts
  • Exciting songs and games
  • Easy way to make friends
  • Easy way to bring new friends

We are pumped and excited to have you join VBS this year!  Come and join us as we embark on an icy journey through Mount Everest.  Even though the challenge seems great, with God, all things are possible! (Matthew 19:26)

See you August 17 through 21 and don’t forget to VOLUNTEER & REGISTER!!!!

Previously ….

In the past we have had an average of 30 to 70 children attend! Many new children have come and gotten to learn God’s word in a fun and new way they have never experience before.

Isabella C. 8 years-old says: “It’s lots of fun, we learn about Jesus. We play games and learn songs that we sing in front of the church.”

There are different classes for each age group and it is a fast paced evening where no one gets bored! Whether it is a new Bible story, a new song, a new game, a new skit or a new character, children will always be kept on their toes. Our children have left each evening feeling more confident about whom God is to them and they have always come back excited to learn more.  Since there are classes for each age group, it is an easier setting for them to ask more questions.

The theme of last year’s VBS was Weird Animals. The goal was to let the children understand that even though we are different, God still loves us. They had lots of fun and on the last day expressed that they were sad it had ended.

I started attending church as a child because of VBS (aka KIDS Fest). I made new friends and we are still good friends today. God used the teachers and volunteers at VBS to teach me and encourage me in my walk with God!

Will your children be a part of this year’s Vacation Bible School? It will impact their lives in a great way!



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