By Sandy Spagnolo

These past few weeks, our pastor has been speaking about Praise and Worship; what it is, and the different references of worshiping God in the Bible! It has been a blessing gathering together and worshiping God fearlessly, “let EVERYTHING that has breath praise the Lord!” (Psalm 150:6)

This week, I came across a passage in the book of Matthew 21, when Jesus tells the Pharisees “Haven’t you ever read the Scriptures?  For they say You have taught children and infants to give You praise!” In this passage Jesus actually quotes Psalm 8:2.

children-worshipI LOVE this verse because children are taught at a young age, even nursing babies, to praise God! They are not too young to worship, to lift their hands, close their eyes and surrender their lives to God. They also have the energy and excitement to dance before God without a worry of what people think of them. They come to Jesus’ throne as they are with everything they have, excited to give Him all their praise!

We can learn a lot from them, how sincerely they worship and praise God. Many times as adults we have so many things running through our minds because of our business, we also let doubt creep in and unbelief, but let’s put that all aside and come before God as children, surrendering to Him our everything. Trusting Him about everything, not worrying about anything or anyone and coming before Him with sincere and simple hearts!

On Friday, March 20th, our church is having a praise and worship night. I encourage all families, friends and children to join us!  Let your children see you worship!


night of worship

I encourage you to listen to praise music at home and worship God with your children! It is so important that they see you worship so that they learn at a young age! Believe it or not, young children mirror their parents and loved ones. If they see you worship, they will learn to worship. If they see you pray, they will learn to pray as well. The Bible says even as nursing infants, they give God praise. Let us be an example that they can follow and learn from!

The children will be participating on this praise and worship night with the adult band. They will be singing the songs “Nothing Is Impossible by Planet Shakers” and “The Great I Am” by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Your children already know all the lyrics and dance moves to these songs! You can find them on YouTube and have them practice at home. We will be meeting at church on Friday, March 20th at 7pm for a practice with the band.

I encourage you all to come, bring your children and let’s worship OUR KING together as one family!


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