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How to Shrink the Giants in Your Life [Part 1 of 3]

In the famous passage of David and Goliath are keys to rising above situations in our lives that have held us trapped or kept us in fear. My goal and desire in this blog is that you are strengthened to not just overcome, but destroy the giants that stand before you and the destiny that seems to be just out of reach.

6 things from Pastor Shyju to everyone @Emmanuel!

#1. We just finished 2015 with over 130 baptisms!!! It’s time to celebrate church! (Whistles are welcome, but not too loud 🙂 ) #2. During the Christmas week, we saw 1459 people come to our church! With more than 300 of them in the Arabic service! Celebrate?! #3. On...

Posting On Social Media? 4 Things To Do First!

Paul was the most recognized travelling speaker of the Gospel at that time. The word tells us Paul was disturbed by what he saw when he came to Greece. There’s a lot we can learn from Paul’s time in Thessalonica that we can apply today when we log in to social media. Read on.

Just What Is Family Friday?

On Family Friday we join together to learn how to fight the good fight of faith. Our faith in our Lord Jesus and His teachings is what equips us, empowers us to win and to overcome the battles of life. Come join us.

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