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What we have

Reading and studying the Bible is a lifelong essential part of our Christian walk – it contains everything we will ever need on this planet. There is no better joy than to study the Word of God with a group of passionate Jesus lovers.

Come join us for one of these for you and your family

Emmanuel Growth Groups

Growth comes when there is great urgency to grow deeper in the Lord. Sign up for a Growth Group now, as they are going to fill up quickly.

Foundation Class

Be equipped with the basic foundation of Christianity. Open to all believers and for those wishing to become members (room A-100).

Turning Point

Turning Point Ministry is the junior youth ministry of Emmanuel Church for ages 12 – 16. Every Friday it’s time for the young to chill at the Chill Zone. Loads of fun and fellowship to follow.


LifeSTATION is the young adults ministry of Emmanuel Church. For ages 17 to 29, the young adults meet along with the youth every Friday night at the chill zone.

Little Flock

Friday at 7:30 we have programs for the little ones:
Little Flock

Ages 2 & 3 | 4 & 5

Christian Service Brigade

Boys Ages 6-11

Girls Club Girls

Girls Club

Ages 6-11

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