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Come Away With Me…

Do we tarry with the Lord? Do we walk with Him and talk to Him about every detail of our lives? I want to learn how to always hear His voice about everything. He is speaking to us, are we listening?

How to Shrink the Giants in Your Life [Part 1 of 3]

In the famous passage of David and Goliath are keys to rising above situations in our lives that have held us trapped or kept us in fear. My goal and desire in this blog is that you are strengthened to not just overcome, but destroy the giants that stand before you and the destiny that seems to be just out of reach.

Nick At Night

Nicodemus was a man who had everything: social, religious, political and economic status above and beyond your normal Israelite, yet the man was in spiritual darkness when confronted with the truth. Read on how his life changed..

6 things from Pastor Shyju to everyone @Emmanuel!

#1. We just finished 2015 with over 130 baptisms!!! It’s time to celebrate church! (Whistles are welcome, but not too loud 🙂 ) #2. During the Christmas week, we saw 1459 people come to our church! With more than 300 of them in the Arabic service! Celebrate?! #3. On...

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